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When utilizing techniques such as selective breeding, the results can be marvelous. These seahorses have distinctive features that make them very unique and unlike their brood-mates. Cerri is a term used for elongated branching that extends from the face and the back of the head in Hippocampus erectus species. This allows them to blend in with their surroundings as they ambush their prey. Unique saddling refers to wide banding that starts from the tail of the seahorse and winds colorfully to the crown. This is excellent camouflage when stalking prey next to grass beds. These traits are highly sought after and will bring wonder to your aquarium.


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Elongated Cerri
These seahorses have been bred for their elongated extensions called “Cerri”.  Wild populations of Lined seahorses exhibit these characteristics as camouflage to hide from predators and ambush prey.  Only a small percentage of fry grow up to exhibit these extensions.

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Lined Seahorse with Unique Saddling

These Lined seahorses have more than lines! Every one of our “Saddled Seahorses” is unique and never duplicated.  We choose only the most beautiful patterns in our selective breeding process.  These seahorses are trained to feed on frozen mysis and are looking forward to arriving to their new home!

Please contact jon@swseahorse.com with questions about gender availability.

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