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Hippocampus Barbouri are more commonly known as Australian or coral Seahorses. Most are captured live off the great barrier reef for export into the aquarium trade. These Coral seahorses were given their name based on where they are mostly found, on and around the reef. They have protrusions from their scaling that enable them to move throughout the reef with little regard for stinging corals such as frogspawn. Due to their popularity with reef keepers, they are available in limited quantity. Please contact for availability.


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Hippocampus Barbouri Mated Pair
Our mated pairs of Hippocampus barbouri, or Coral seahorses, have begun their lives together. Seahorses form a unique bond with their mates that is unparalleled under the sea. They are housed in specialized systems that keep them together and separated from the rest of the population. Under the right environmental conditions, these pairs will mate and produce 50-90 fry twice monthly. These events should be taken into consideration when considering the purchase of a mated pair. It may take years to form this bond, however, it will last for as long as they live.

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Regular Size Hippocampus Barbouri
Our Hippocampus barbouri, or Coral seahorses, are native to the largest coral reef on the planet. They are sometimes referred to as the Coral seahorse because of their geographical reference as well as their ability to coexist with corals that have the ability to sting. The seahorses have projected nodes that extend past their scaling to prevent any damaging corals from reaching soft tissue. They have zebra stripe markings on their snout that are unique within the seahorse family. These seahorses will make an excellent addition to your reef tank and feed readily on frozen mysis.

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XL Hippocampus Barbouri
These brilliant seahorses are a specially bred for their colors!  They are an example of “Selective breeding” within our facility.  They have been fed enriched mysis and are 3.5-5.5 inches long and are a good way to brighten up your system!

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