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When feeding frozen foods, it is necessary to supplement with vitamins and HUFAs that may have been lost during the freezing process. Vitachem ensures that these lost nutrients are present for a healthy existence. Add one or two drops to thawing mysis shrimp twice weekly for best results.


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Frozen Mysis from Pyscene 16 oz. flat pack
PE mysis are sustainably harvested during feeding intervals with very little impact to the lake using low emission vessels. Our seahorses are cultured with the same attention to detail and sustainable mindset. They are systematically and thoughtfully weaned onto a frozen diet with careful consideration for health and dietary needs. Watch your seahorses come alive with personality and excitement as they feed heartily on the best food source available. Piscine Mysis is the "Curator's Choice".

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Frozen Mysis from Pyscene 4oz. cubes in blister pack
Mysis relicta is an invasive freshwater shrimp that was introduced to the glacier fed lakes of Canada a few decades ago in hopes of providing a food source for the native salmon populations. The benthic shrimp often rise to the surface to feed on plankton in the evening hours when the salmon are feeding far below the surface. The result is a staggering population of mysis with no known predator. Piscine Energetics has found a way to remove these harmful populations and preserve the natural plankton that is vital to the lake's delicate ecosystem. The result of this sustainable harvest is the best aquarium foods on the market.

PE Mysis thrive in colder environments thus eliminating the risk of the transfer of harmful bacteria into a tropical aquarium. M. relicta are in fact euryhaline and can tolerate varying levels of salt and fresh water. Harvesting from a freshwater environment provides a less "Salty" product for your aquarium. This translates to healthier aquaria due to less energy being lost eliminating salts from prepared foods. At nearly 70% percent protein, there simply isn't a better food available. Make the "Curator's Choice" and provide the animals you care for with health and longevity.

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We are pleased to offer the very enrichment that we use within our facility. This time-tested enrichment provide a concentrated mix with 10 times more omega 3s than any other vitamin supplement. We have found that it brings out the natural color of our seahorses. This supplement contains what fish receive in their natural environments and provides these in an easy to use enrichment. Just a few drops to thawing mysis shrimp once per day and see the difference.

Below is a Guaranteed Analysis:

(All per ounce):

Crude protein (min) 21.8%, crude fat (min) 0.09%, crude fiber (max) 2%, moisture (max) 90.1%. Vitamin A-5000 IU, vitamin B12-40 mg, vitamin E-32 mg, thiamine hydrochloride 25 mg, vitamin K-20 mg, vitamin C-18 mg, vitamin B1-15 mg, vitamin B2-15 mg, vitamin B6-12 mg, biotin 4 mg, L-leucine 4 mg, lysine monohydrochloride 3 mg, D-l phenylalanine 3 mg, L-arginine hydrochloride 2.5 mg, D-l isoleucine 2 mg, threonine 2 mg, l-methionine 1 mg, L-histidine hydrochl

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