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We expertly pack your new seahorse using state of the art care and materials.  They are packed in coolers using breathable bags.  Shipping is overnight and all animals are packed on Tuesdays and delivered on Wednesdays.   All orders must be received by 5 p.m. Friday before expect delivery on the following Wednesday.

Yes.  Acclimation instructions are under the “About seahorses” tab and are included with your new seahorse.  We also have included water parameters.  These are useful when used in comparison with your system and when determining the length of acclimation.

Your new seahorse has already been introduced to frozen mysis and readily feeds on them.  We prefer Piscine Energetics.  Be careful not to over feed and remember to remove uneaten food within 15 minutes of feeding.

We guarantee Live Delivery.  We take every precaution to ensure the safe arrival of your new seahorse.  Should a problem arise, we should be notified within three hours of delivery. Jon@swseahorse.com